Summary Of 2022 Programming Plans At Hamtramck Stadium

Summary Of 2022 Programming Plans At Hamtramck Stadium

This year and beyond should prove to be both fruitful and exciting at Hamtramck Stadium. 

Here’s a synopsis of programming activities currently scheduled for 2022:

The Hamtramck High Baseball team has 8 league home games scheduled on the calendar, primarily in  April and May. They also hosted a non-league game against Grand Rapids Union High on Saturday, April 16. 

There are 15 USSSA and FAAST Travel Tournament combined weekend dates scheduled starting on  April 23. 

USSSA is the premier Youth Travel Baseball & Girls Softball  organization in the country, targeting ages 8-18. 

FAAST (Fun America Amateur Sports Tournaments) is  one of the top Youth Travel organizations accommodating Baseball/Softball/Basketball/Lacrosse. FAAST  operates in Michigan and Ohio, targeting boys and girls ages 8-18.  

Playing Together has scheduled an Adult T-Ball event on May 28 sponsored by a local non-profit  organization working to generate camaraderie amongst community adults and introduce them to  Hamtramck Stadium. 

Detroit Tigers / MLB Play Ball event is scheduled for June 17 in conjunction with what is expected to be  the Tigers’ Annual Negro Leagues Tribute Weekend. It will be a community Youth Baseball Clinic for 250 youth. 

Juneteenth Weekend 2022: The Inaugural Turkey Stearnes Classic is an event scheduled on the new federal Juneteenth holiday (June 20, 2022 this year), featuring the top high school minority underclass baseball players in Michigan competing in an All-Star game, a home run hitting contest and a showcase. There is nothing else like this in southeastern Michigan that provides the opportunity for juniors and sophomores to shine a light on their baseball skills.

FCF / MBP Midwest Classic on September 4–6 is a Travel Tournament competition for some of the top minority high school baseball players in the Midwest.  

This calendar of events is a work in progress as the Friends Of Historic Hamtramck Stadium (FHHS) are adding additional dates this season. Additionally the FHHS received sponsorship of a new batting cage and tunnel to be  installed on-site, significantly enhancing pre-game preparations for sports guests using the Stadium facility.

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