New Playground to be Installed at Hamtramck Veterans Park

New Playground to be Installed at Hamtramck Veterans Park

The Hamtramck Parks Conservancy (HPC) is excited to announce plans for a new playground serving the families of Hamtramck, and honoring the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Elaine Zatkoff. The playground will be located at Veterans Park, replacing the old play facility behind the veterans memorial. The Elaine and Roger Zatkoff Playground will be a high quality, modern, safe, and fun set of play structures especially designed for younger children. Features will include climbers, tunnels, slides, swings, and sun shades. Members of the HPC and Zatkoff family worked closely together on the design of the playground and selection of materials in order to deliver a product that best serves the community, recognizing the continued high demand for play structures in the parks for the many children in the surrounding area.

An educational panel describing the importance to the development of children of using all their senses will be prominently displayed. In addition to providing enjoyment for children and families, the playscapes selected are shown to contribute to whole-body strength and aerobic workouts for their users, which aid in kids’ healthy development. The reverse side of the sign is a tribute to the family whose generosity and community commitment is making this project – as well as many others in Hamtramck — possible. Roger and Elaine Zatkoff were both Hamtramck natives who determined their legacy would positively impact their hometown and its residents. Their greatest joy came from being surrounded by family, and their wish was to foster that same possibility for others. Installation is expected to take place in mid-summer.

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